Making Every Day
a Better Day

Building a Better World

In every aspect of our business, we are called to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve. Anchoring sustainability in the core of our business operations and processes is our commitment to be the best stewards of our planet’s valuable resources.

Future success depends on a commitment to sustaining the environment, our team members, our guests and our communities. We will remain committed to harnessing human and material resources with minimal impact on the environment.

We will lead by example. We will create a visionary blueprint of how to do business and install it  across our organization to preserve precious natural resources for future generations.

Together We can Make The Earth A better place

The United Family is dedicated to making every day a better day for our team members, guests, communities, and the planet.

Totals for 2022

Totals for 2023

2023 Sustainability Highlights

From local to global we strive to make the Earth a healthier place, and thanks to our guests and team members we were able to. We look forward to continuing to better the planet through our recipe for change. Check out the impact we made together in 2023!

Embracing Earth Day

The United Family has continuously recognized the value of action over words. Rather than celebrating one day out of the year, we focus on making every day an opportunity to conserve, educate, and empower guests. We have made great strides to not only deter plastic waste and the food waste that comes through our stores. The United Family also works each day to make their business more sustainable. In the last three years, the company has recycled over 3 million pounds of plastic, more than 54 thousand tons of cardboard, and reused more than 850 thousand wooden pallets. The United Family also uses 100 percent LED lighting at its distribution center and in dozens of its stores – to convert more stores in the future.

How you can make a difference!

Reusable bags serve more than just a symbol for recycling. They have evolved into a shopping essential every experienced guest carries with them. Due to their size and material, they also provide quicker loading and unloading from the cart to the pantry. Next time you enter one of our stores, view our new collection of reusable bags and effortlessly contribute to a greener lifestyle and a healthier planet.


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