Considerations & Guidelines


The questions below are an example of the questions that will be asked when reviewing a donation request or sponsorship opportunity. We hope this is helpful in evaluating whether or not to submit a request.

  • Is the request or organization addressing an unmet need in the community?
  • Is it reaching an appropriate number of people for the size of the donation?
  • Will supporting the request directly impact the lives of guests who shop in our stores, or an area of support identified by our leadership team?
  • Have we already contributed to the organization in the recent past/current fiscal year?
  • Is it a family or youth-oriented event?
  • Is it for an organization that we have supported in the past?
  • Does the organization have 501(c)(3) status, a viable board of directors and a track record of meeting important needs in their community?
  • Is the work that this organization does in the community well known? Does it have a good reputation and strong volunteer support?
  • Do the values and mission of the organization align with the basic philosophies of The United Family?
    • Hunger
    • Health
    • Education
    • Social Services
    • Quality of Life
  • Is the event/project meaningful and impactful?

Guidelines to Consider

Our community impact program supports:

  • Organizations impacting the fight against hunger
  • Children’s organizations – Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA, etc.
  • Schools (elementary through university level)
  • Social service organizations – shelters, advocacy centers, crisis organizations, Red Cross
  • Arts organizations – ballet, symphony, museums, etc.
  • Health support and research organizations – March of Dimes, American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, etc.
  • Military Support – Aid to soldiers, local military events

Our community impact program is unable to support:

  • For-profit organizations
  • Third-party organizations raising funds for a nonprofit organization we already support (e.g., sorority/fraternity fundraisers or 1-800 companies selling ads on football posters)
  • Sponsorships to individuals (e.g., beauty pageant contestants, all-star players, student council trips, foreign exchange trips, etc.
  • All-Star, select, travel or competition youth sports
  • Individual youth athletes
  • Political Parties, Candidates or Causes
  • Multiple events/requests by a single organization
  • High school or college yearbook ads
  • National- or state-level events that don’t impact areas where we have stores

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